Democracy dies without accountability. The democratic system is built on our ability to know what our representatives are doing and kick officials out of office as a corrective to poor performance. This is how the mechanism is supposed to work: Candidates tell us what they … Read More

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Reporters this week discovered a full-fledged Republican civil war. They are several years late. It should surprise precisely no one that Donald Trump is directing his rage at Paul Ryan for instructing members of the House Republican caucus to oppose the nominee if it will help them hold their … Read More


The Republican convention opened Monday with the Colorado and Washington, DC delegations walking off the convention floor in protest over being denied a roll call vote on the Rules Committee report in an apparent violation of convention rules. Several hours … Read More


Chris Christie must be wondering what he has to do to get the national recognition he feels he deserves. By choosing Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump bypassed the bombastic New Jersey governor and decided to make … Read More

Coming Apart

Let’s start with a simple premise: the Trump campaign is not about running for president. It is about product placement. With the eyes of the world on Great Britain as it voted on one of the most consequential matters in … Read More

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